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The most beautiful part of a human body is the eyes. If someone wants to look beautiful, she needs to start with beautifying the look of their eyes. There are hundred of accessories available for creating the look of the eyes in which the eye liner is the most prominent. One little line can transform your makeup look in a big way.  Now-a-days, eye liner styles have changed the definition of fashion and have become a part of daily routine make up. Now the eyeliner is used to create various looks as well as highlighting different features of the eyes.

Today hundreds of colors and a large variety of styles of eye liners are available in the market. Most prominent types of eye liner styles consist of thin and thick liners. Thin liners are used to make the look of eyes soft and tidy. On the other hand, thick liners are used to enhance the smokey eyes make up which is very common now a days.

While applying eye liner to the eyes this should be kept in mind that whatever color is used should be appropriate for the color of the eyes. Whatever eye liner style is used should be applied neatly and the finishing look should be tidy.

 Here are some styles with their names which you should know.

  1. BLACK AND BLUE: Add depth to your look by adding pretty blue color in your water line.Black eye liner with blue bottom
  2. DOUBLE LINER: We can’t think of anything more beautiful then a winged line complimented by golden liner.double liner
  3. SMOKEY BLACK: It’s in a trend to give your eyes a dramatic look by this beautiful smokey black effect.smokeyblack
  4. SIMPLE AND CLEAN: Get a refreshing look by applying white to your water line.simpleclean
  5. PURPLE HAZE: What should I say about it! It itself reveals its beauty.purplehaze
  6. ARABIAN STYLE: If you want to give your eyes a new definition, then try this.Elegant Arabian style black eye liner
  7. GLITTERING EYES: Adding glitter to your eyes can give you sparkling look.glittering
  8. Blue eye liner with blue bottom: This is simply cool !Blue eye liner with blue bottom

Why to look always the same if you have this much choice. Always try to look different with different occasion. Keep experimenting with eyes to enhance their beauty.

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