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The World’s Most Powerful Women In Tech 2016

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Modern women are epitomes of confidence, power, and intelligence. Gone are the days when females were looked down as the weaker sex in all areas. Today, they enjoy the rights and freedom, which they were deprived of years ago, including the areas of education, politics, and career.

Nowadays, it’s very common to see women getting a degree in different fields, which in turn, allows them to join the workforce of various industries. Even jobs that were once only popular to men are now also being tried by women like as a police officer, an astronaut, an engineer, an architect and more.

Although there has been a drastic change in the status of women today compared to that of in the past, we still couldn’t completely say that gender equality, especially in the workplace, has already been achieved. Men are still paid higher than women in general. Plus, it’s also more difficult for women to attain a higher position.

For instance, majority of workers in the tech field are men. Only a small percentage are women and only a very few of them lands a leadership role. Despite this, those few women who had the opportunity to lead a tech company have proven their worth

We want to empower women, especially the younger generations, which is why we prepared this infographic. It lists ten of the most outstanding women who are looked up to in the tech industry that will inspire other women to have the confidence in following the career they want.

Get the motivation you need by checking our illustration below:

The World’s Most Powerful Women In Tech 2016

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