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Deciding My Career

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Deciding a career is always a tricky and life forming question. There are three types of people- first who have got their career a direction and are now engaged in some business or service. Second, who are in phase of deciding what career they should opt to form a better future. Third, who are very young and in study phase but their each action directs their parents about their future career and parents are in the phase of choosing career for them.

We are here talking about second and the third type of people.

I was 15 years old. We all were sitting in library of my school. There was no occasion or function. The only thing, two or three foreigners had come to visit our school. We all were excited to speak a word with them. They were asking questions to each of us one by one.

Now it was my turn. They asked me what I want to become when I would complete my studies. I have never thought about it. But I said I want to become a doctor. Why I said that? It was only because my elder ones used to say me that you should become a doctor when you grow up. They have given me a hidden dream.

I think most of the children are never be in the conscious of selecting their career jobs. These are the parents whose dream they live. They never realize what they want to become. Parents always want their child should become an engineer or a doctor. Has anyone ever asked why?

Why the parents don’t say that you should first become a good person. You should do every work with full dedication. If you are sincere, you will always get what you want. In my view, one can give his best when he is fond of doing that.

Deciding a career option should always depend on the person’s ability and his interest. Every person has its own set of capabilities. One can perform better in the field if he is fond of doing that work. Remember, PASSION and HARD WORK always leads to success.

If every person would study engineering or do MBBS, then how would we get legends in music, sports and arts.

Now I got the memories of movie “3 Idiots”. I think you too. The message given in the movie inspired many parents. Parents should not force their children to choose their career. Rather than if they would help him in doing best in the field what he want to do, they will always be proud of him.

No one can understand a child better than his parents. Help your child in choosing the right direction of your career, don’t force him.

Give him the wings to fly!

Don’t cut his wings otherwise he will always fall.


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