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In everyday life we usually make three strand braid or pony or add some puff to our hairstyle. Don’t you get bored of it? I know you do. But may be you don’t have another choice to give yourself a new look. Sometimes you feel like trying a cute hairstyle that is new and easy, yet fun. But don’t worry here I am with a nice bun or a ponytail with some braids for a cool look. Check out these step by step images which are really going to help you to give yourself a new look.


  • You can carry this hairstyle when hanging out with friends, at college and at office too.hairstyle1
  • You must be familiar with this one. It looks perfect everywhere.


  • This is called five strand braid, one of my favorite. It is quite interesting and you can carry it at school and college. Your friend won’t resist without giving you a compliment. This is how it looks like.hairstyle3
  • You can play with your hair band too. Let me show you how.hairstyle4
  • What about trying this fabulous hairstyle with ethnic wear. It looks great with sari and also with suits. You can also carry this at office.hairstyle5
  • This hairstyle is for puff lovers. If you want to give yourself a sexy look then try this.hairstyle6

Try these awesome hairstyles and enhance your beauty.


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