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Staircase with LED lights….

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The aim was to create a lighting concept that would mimic the staircase’s iconic spiral and also compliment the structure. There is no doubt that it opens up the stairs and looks absolutely fantastic.

“An imposing insertion was made in the shape of a ceiling mounted fixture composed of hanging channels reaching out from the ceiling in a circular manner identical to the staircase. The lighting installation hangs from a partially recessed supporting plate with extruded profiles that serve to firmly set the vertical channels. These channels vary in length, giving the impression of an ascending structure.”

While we usually think of decorating stairs must never overlook the lighting on stairs. Circular by these spaces allows ascender in height and therefore security is very important, especially at night or the dark places. But we cannot deny that the staircase light influences in decorating the house. There are several ways to enlighten them of which you want to present some.

How to illuminate stairs

The lighting of stairs must meet performance criteria. But it is also important how the lighting is and how it affects the interior decoration. This should be considered in addition to the entry of natural light, the shadows that generate and the amount of light needed. Now we will look at ways to illuminate stairs.

Spot Lighting

Externally, you can place him sconces around the staircase, recessed into the wall a few inches above the height of the steps. No need to throw a great light intensity at all, with only a little light to enhance visualization of space and steps will suffice.

General Lighting

You can also make use of ceiling lamps with low light intensity in all cases. You can use hanging lamps or ceiling, always ensuring that access through these does not interfere.

According to the statistics, 20 to 50 percent of total energy consumed in homes and offices are used for lighting. What is surprising to us is that over 90 percent of the lighting energy expense used for some of the buildings is unnecessary due to the over-illumination. The cost of lighting can be very realistic. It is used for 12 hours per day (0.12/kWh). As a result, lighting can take a large part of the energy consumption, especially for large buildings.
Integration of space planning and interior architecture (including choice of interior surfaces and room geometries) leads to lighting design.

The cool stairs lighting contributes to some of their custom homes. The stair lighting controller can easily be configured by just flipping a few switches. A few of the many lighting sequences are demonstrated by using the random mode which looks like a lot of fun! They have mounted the controller out of the way under the stairs so it can be accessed if needed. I am sure the new homeowners will have a ton of fun each time they use the stairs.















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