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How to decor empty corners of your home

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The biggest challenge you have is to decorate empty corners of your home into the whole design.
There are lots of ways in which they can be efficiently decorated.
A charming nook that appears to have no real purpose, or a too-small entryway. No matter. There are easy and inexpensive ways to rescue your wasted space and transform it into an attractive design statement.

“Interesting corner cab to make transition”

“Do you have an empty corner in your home?

“Your space, but a corner can often be the best bet. This gets it out of the main area of your living space, and lets the corner become dedicated to music”

cornercabinet1 cornercabinet2

“Photo wall. This is the perfect illustration of how you can make a boring corner into a fantastic feature. Keeping family photos in an album means they hardly”

cornerphoto1 cornerphoto2

“Fill an empty corner with a round table and stools. If you are lucky enough to have a bit of space in your entryway, don’t let it go to waste — especially”

“especially during the holidays! A round table softens up a blank corner and provides the perfect spot for a few extra seats.

cornertable1 cornertable2

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