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Priyanka Chopra asks Delhi girls to be fearless

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priyanka_fearlessPriyanka Chopra had a busy Dilli darshan day on Tuesday as she went around town promoting Mary Kom. 

And at every mall and store visit, there was one thing that Priyanka, inspired by her character, asked all Delhiites to do – be fearless. Considering the ‘unsafe’ title that has become a permanent adjective for the capital, we spoke to Priyanka about what she thought the Delhi girls needed to do to be able to feel fearless.

She said, “When I say be fearless in Delhi, I know it’s difficult. We’re not living in an ideal situation which would have been if the authorities and law enforcers had created a safe and protected environment for us. But since that’s not happening, the only thing we can do is feel protected at our own personal level. I know it’s a sad advice to give, but take up self-defence classes, carry pepper sprays, feel confident.”

She added, “When I learnt this new skill, boxing, I felt a different level of confidence. I mean, I can’t win a fight or whatever, but still, I feel different. Ab iska matlab yeh bhi nahi hai ki tum unnecessarily pange lene lag jaao logon se. But yes, if the world can’t protect you, doesn’t mean you can’t either.”

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