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Having Fun with Wax Art

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Wax art is an interesting artistic work. It’s a great fun and a magic for kids.

Required Material
  • Plain paper
  • Candle or wax crayons
  • Black water color
  • Brush
  • Water to clean the brush
  1. Take a plain white card paper or a pale colored card paper. It must able to absorb the water color quickly.
  2. Write your text using candle. you can also use wax crayon colors for drawing any picture. Light colors would be best preferred. Avoid using black blue colors.2
  3. Paint the background with black color. After doing the wax work, give a wash of black color on the whole picture. Your picture, words or design should stand out boldly.
  4. Let it dry.Hang the card for a long time to let it dry completely.
    • Make sure that the wax should be properly darken.
    • Make sure that the paper should be thick enough.

 waxart1      waxart2        waxart3

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