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 I have a successful professional life. But still I am not satisfied. I want to do something that gives me satisfaction of creativity. The one like by which I can do something for my society or country. But what? After many days thought, I decided to write a blog. But this is something that I had never done. The only thing I know that I can share my thoughts, my views with all. I decided to give it a start and I started writing. This is my first blog.

Are there any rules for writing a blog? I simply don’t know. The simple rule is that write in mannered language. I have got a medium to talk to people, I am very excited that now I can share my experiences with maximum people. What I think may not be correct but now I can get the correct version of the statements through the comments on my blog. I want it to be like a healthy conversation.

People often want to say their words to all but they don’t. Some don’t want to disclose their identity and some ignore. But if there is anything which is going wrong in our society or country, then if we can’t protest, at least now we can say. Nowadays, writing blogs is the best medium to communicate with mass people.

I want to use this opportunity majorly to serve my country by creating awareness among people about their moral duties. I am not saying that people are not aware but some of us have ignored or forgotten them in their racing lives or in their overburden responsibilities.

Like me, who has never taken any step in the welfare of society, there are many people who want to do but they don’t do because they don’t know what to do. If I can be able to wake up some of them, then it would be my success and my society success too.

I want to come up with the blogs on social abuses and on various practices on which each common man want to raise his voice but he is silent. He is actually waiting for someone to start.

Now, these will be the comments on my views which will motivate me and guide me to go ahead.

Join Hands so that we all can notice a reform in our society.

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