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Truth That Never Speaks

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Truth means reality. Is it? Our elders say never speak a lie. Always say Truth, how bitter it is. But in Geeta, Shri Krishna said that Truth is that which does not hurt anyone.

Everyone has its own definition of Truth. But have we ever asked the Truth who he is? Unfortunately, Truth never speaks. But we speak our Truth in our own way.

One day, a child of seven years old was sitting on a bench outside his school. He was carrying his school bag. An old woman passing from there noticed him. He was looking sad. So she came towards him and asked, “What happened son? Are you not in a hurry to go home?” He asked only one question to that old lady, “Do you know the correct definition of Truth? If yes, then please tell me. I am very confused.” The woman was very surprised to listen these words from such a young child. “What happened my son?” She asked. “We were playing in the class. By mistake of my friend, spectacles of our teacher broke down. When teacher came and asked me, I told the truth. Then teacher punished my friend. My friend is very angry with me and will never talk to me. But I don’t understand. My mother says that always speak truth and so did I. Where am I wrong?” the child answered.

The old lady said, “You are right my dear. And do not worry. If he is your true friend then he will surely come back to you.” The child became happy to listen that. “But what about Truth?” he asked. The old lady smiled and answered, “Truth is perception of a person what he thinks is right. For that reason the definition of Truth always changes person to person. But if you really want to follow Truth in your life, then I can tell you the simplest way.”

Do you all want to know what that lady said? Then, listen

“Truth is very clear in its own way. But sometimes, we are in the overwhelming situations that left us undecided. Just listen to the voice of your conscious, it is very slow voice but it’s there. That will always lead you to right path…the path of Truth.”

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